A Camouflaged Truth

  • Posted: May 28, 2021
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There is something to be said for the practice of hunting. For one thing, hunting is so deplorable that it is catnip on steroids for those like myself, insensitive curmudgeons finding great humor in the virtuous signaling of “sensitive souls” bobbing like birthday balloons in the breezes of our cultural milieu. I am very aware of my not very Christian attitude, but in the immortal words of Popeye the Sailor Man, “I yam what I yam”. The Holy Spirit’s work on my sinful nature, I am sad to say, remains very much a work in progress.

While impish delight in the childish serves as its own reward, hunting also offers valuable life lessons for the practitioner. The trophy buck is difficult to see, an elusive target camouflaged amid the foliage and patterns of its natural environment.

The buck may be invisible, undetected because of our brain’s inability to unlock its shape against the obscuring patterns of its background. But the buck is there and it cannot help but affect its surroundings. Often the experienced hunter senses the presence of the buck though he cannot see it, signaled by cues too subtle for his conscious to grasp.

But experience and careful attention to the craft of the hunt has schooled the unconscious mind of the hunter to see what cannot be seen. The experienced hunter knows that the buck will betray its presence sooner or later. The sound of a twig cracking, the gentle shake of a low hanging branch, a moving shadow glimpsed and the mind suddenly solves the optical puzzle. The buck is revealed.

In like manner, truth is elusive, hidden in thickets of routine, half-truth, misdirection, bias. But truth is there and like the gravitational effect of an unseen planet, it affects its environment. As the buck moving through the underbrush betrays his presence to the watchful hunter, so too does truth create a wake that can be seen by those looking for her. This sensitivity to the wake of truth’s passage might be what is called wisdom.

I have followed baseball, actually the New York Yankees, for a lifetime. While I seldom watch more than a snippet of the game anymore, its boredom factor having increased exponentially in the past decade. I still follow the Yankee’s organization daily. This heartbeat, the daily performance of the players, the trends, the trades, the player pipeline, the blogs of disgruntled fans like myself, is a metronome giving my life a much needed rhythm now that productive work is but a fitful memory.

Recently, there was a tree branch, shaking in the stillness. Nine members of the Yankee organization tested positive for Covid. These nine men were asymptomatic, i.e. without symptoms. But the shaking branch was the fact that all of them had been vaccinated. These nine Covid sufferers were identified only because MLB protocols require all employees and players be tested daily, vaccinated or not.

What does this mean? You tell me because I don’t know. But it does mean something. An unseen “something” is out there. Since February of 2020, our country’s citizens have submitted to a breathtaking erosion of our civil liberties, a mind boggling subversion of our economy and an unprecedented dictatorship of the unelected. The justification for this previously unimaginable state of affairs is the existential nature of the danger and threat posed by deadly Covid virus.

The “truth” of Covid is the trophy buck hiding in the shadowed forest. After seventeen months that have turned our world upside down, our citizens – unwilling subjects of an expert driven shaking and baking – don’t know what to believe. What is the “truth” of Covid?

Those with a more responsible frame of mind than my own might respond that Covid is a deadly disease killing the fragile and the random, leaving others with mysterious chronic symptoms. Experts are in a search for the truth, to establish the facts, to protect us from the ravages of this pandemic. Until the “experts” pronounce us “safe”, we must submit to the “no questions asked” stewardship of the unelected and unaccountable. In the face of this “unknown”, a responsible “leadership of experts” must censor free expression to prevent the more excitable members of the herd from stampeding.

There is truth in that, but it is the truth of the dissembler, of the bumper sticker citizen. It is the truth of “Black Lives Matter” and “Make America Great Again”, slogans meant to rouse the bleachers, an invitation into a shadowed alleyway, moonglow masquerading as daytime sun.

The truth by its very nature illuminates and exposes. Once the hunter’s brain sees the buck against the camouflaged background, he can’t unsee it. Once the truth is seen, it cannot be unseen. Its very presence shapes everything around it.

I am reminded of that great verse in the Apostle John’s prologue to his Gospel, serving as both metaphor and distinction:

“And the light shines in the darkness and the darkness did not comprehend it”

The buck is there, clearly seen by the one hunter, but still invisible to his companion whose brain has not yet comprehended it, solved the puzzle of leaves, twigs and animal. The light of truth banishes darkness, but only to eyes both open and searching.

Another branch quivers in the stillness. An obscure letter in Science magazine, a reliably Adorable publication, lays out the case for a biolab leak in the Wuhan Virology Institute being the source of the Covid outbreak. The letter was signed by eighteen scientists experienced in epidemiology, including two senior figures with experience at the Wuhan facility.

Unaccountably, in an unexpected burst of journalistic integrity, the story gains traction in the Wall Street Journal and NY Post. It turns out that the US CDC, the very same CDC that has controlled our lives and fortunes for the past fifteen months, was providing funding for the research at the Wuhan facility from which Covid may have leaked.

Once a fire starts, it may be difficult to stop – even when the fire department is there and working hard to contain it. The New York Times among others was forced to acknowledge the story, assuring one and all that there was no real story there. But further revelation continued to dribble out underneath the streams of water from the firehoses. Not only did the CDC provide funding, but Dr. Anthony Fauci – the face of our unaccountable “experts” and self-appointed Wizard of Oz – both knew and approved of the funding.

The fire continues to burn or perhaps only smolder, after all the fire department is at the scene and doing their best. The CDC may have been supporting “gain of function” operations at the Wuhan facility, again with the full knowledge and support of Dr. Anthony Fauci, our “masks are useless, masks are critical, two masks are better” savant. “Gain of function” is a term which in this instance would denote genetic engineering for enhanced human susceptibility to a bio-weapon.

What does this mean? As we all know, the “experts”, aided and abetted by “responsible” media gatekeepers, have been censoring a free exchange of ideas on Covid for some time, all in the “public interest”. I don’t know what it means, but there are definitely branches quivering in the stillness.

Unaccountably and deeply puzzling to the “experts”, there exists a substantial population resistant to doing what is good for them, too stubborn or too ignorant and Deplorable to protect themselves from the existential danger that is the Covid virus. Large segments of the population refuse or perhaps are just too busy to be vaccinated against the dread Covid virus.

Coming full circle back to the Yankees, the commercials in the New York telecasts of their games are at least 50% public service announcements begging people to be vaccinated. The Governor of my own state, the Left Honorable Jared Polis, recently announced that Colorado would imitate other states and initiate a Covid Vaccine Lottery to seduce the wary and wavering. Colorado now has a $ 1,000,000 lottery for reluctant Vaxers. California, always ahead of the pack, has put up $ 150,000,000 to entice these reluctant souls.

I have never put much credence in conspiracy theories, having spent my lifetime managing projects and companies. While my Lord and Savior likened people to a herd of sheep, in my experience I always found them to be a gaggle of cats. The idea that people are smart enough, dedicated and disciplined enough to pull off even the simplest of these postulated conspiracies is simply outside my experience of human beings. But one can’t help but wonder.

There is no shortage of explanations, of conspiracy theories, for our present sufferings. The Cassandras of the Left warn of midnight convocations of the Klan, incipient Nuremburg rallies and QAnon(?). The Prophets of the Right point to The Squad, Antifa and Portland. An ample supply of nutjobs exist in our country. They always have.

But one can’t help but wonder. As that artful Roman lawyer, M. T. Cicero, used to say, “Cui bono (Who benefits)”? All successful magicians know that a trick requires the rubes attention be focused on some kerfuffle while the magician makes the switch. Perhaps the magicians of the Left and the Right are really the same people. Perhaps it’s not about Covid at all.

“Cui bono?” indeed!!

3 Responses to “A Camouflaged Truth”

  1. Jeffrey esbenshade says:

    The DEMS want to pack the Supreme Court, or have term limits, or set age
    to retire at.
    Dr. Fauci is 80 years old makes $417,000 in wages and has been a federal
    employee for 50 years.
    What ever congress does to Supreme Court same should applie same to CDC.

  2. Gary Dorn says:

    To vaccinate or not vaccinate? Try the magnet test at the injection site of a vaccinated person. It may help one to see the buck in the woods!

  3. Bill Rehrig says:

    Well Bill: Right or wrong, beautifully written.

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