Duty Faithfully Performed – Nancy Pelosi

  • Posted: May 19, 2020
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A recent front page news photo caught my eye, Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden in a close hug. The media trumpeted the occasion, perhaps the Prince’s blessing by the Pope prior to the new King’s coronation. The media’s treatment of their intimacy, sans facemasks & other PPE, flouting “expert” ordered “social distancing”, was in marked contrast. That same media has rushed to judgment, condemning Trump Administration worthies, such as the Vice President or First Lady, caught in flagrante delicto.

The occasion of the hug was a carefully staged celebration, Mrs. Pelosi’s endorsement of Good Old Joe Biden for President of “these here United States”. The obvious joke of Joe Biden and inappropriate touching aside, what struck me was Nancy Pelosi’s face, clearly seen, center stage. Only a fool attempts to guess a woman’s age, but taking up the challenge, I would have guessed mid-forties, fifty tops.

I am guessing most eighty-year-old women would take that as a compliment. Perhaps so, Mrs. Pelosi has always been an attractive woman, retaining her looks and figure into old age. Given that she represents San Francisco, it may be Silicon Valley wizardry at work. Mercifully, Joe Biden’s face is shadowed by Nancy’s, though Joe’s visible features also deny his seventy-eight years on this planet. It must be said that their nemesis, President Donald Trump, presents the picture of a youthful seventy-four.

A congresswoman of 33 years experience, Mrs. Pelosi is now into her 9th decade on this plane of existence. I imagine her life experience and age would lend themselves to increasingly frequent periods of reflection. No matter the surgeon’s skill and pharmacist’s magic potions, age will have its way. The fastball loses its zip. The curve ball simply hangs, a spinning floater. The long walk from the dugout to the mound becomes harder and harder, the time in the clubhouse whirlpool increasingly precious.

In her moments of reflection, if such exist, Mrs. Pelosi has much to be proud of. She has been in national politics for nearly 60 years, in a leadership role for 45 of those years. She rose to prominence when her gender was actually a liability rather than the present day Disney Fast Pass. She is a founding member of San Francisco’s version of “the coastal elites” that now so utterly dominate American politics and culture.

Nancy Pelosi was never known as a “thinker” or a “big picture” politician and as a San Francisco Democrat she possesses a predictably narrow bandwidth. Mrs. Pelosi true talent is tactics, a cold-eyed knife fighter in Washington’s back alleys par excellence. Nancy Pelosi always reminds me of Quentin Tarantino’s “The Bride”, Uma Thurman in Kill Bill Volumes 1 & 2.

Given her public persona, someone of my background can find much to dislike about Mrs. Pelosi. She is an easy target for vitriol and caricature. Even the media, embarrassingly servile courtiers as they are, find her a cold Machiavellian presence. But I think her public image may be doing the woman a disservice.

She has raised five children to responsible adulthood and is a meaningful part of her grandchildren’s’ lives. She has been married to the same man for closing in on 60 years. She is reported to have a close personal relationship with Paul Ryan, a political leader her polar opposite in nearly every way. These facts present the picture of a woman you might enjoy having as a neighbor, a woman of depth, maybe even – perish the thought – a picture of Proverbs 31.

Let me step out here on a layer of very thin ice and speculate. Perhaps the most moving tribute ever penned was General Robert E Lee’s Farewell Address, his thanks to his men upon their surrender at Appomattox. A single sentence captures the heart of his message:

“You will take with you the satisfaction that proceeds from the consciousness of duty faithfully performed . . .”

It has been said, and I truly believe, that those three words – duty faithfully performed – define Lee’s life. His life lived in service of and true to that simple thought is at the heart of why he has always served as a lighthouse in my own journey. Perhaps those words define Mrs. Pelosi’s life as well.

Delving into the heart of a woman is a man’s l’appel du vide, but to present my credentials, I have lived with a mom for all but a few years of my life and with a grandma for over a decade. Given my own intimate experience, it is hard for me to believe that Grandma Nancy would rather hug Joe Biden than spend time immersed in the lives of her kids and grandkids. If I am wrong, I pity her more than words can express.

I think Nancy Pelosi is a woman who sees her duty and at great personal cost is doing it, perhaps with the same heavy heart General Lee took command of the Army of Northern Virginia. Just as the Confederacy needed Robert E Lee, Adorable America needs Nancy Pelosi. With her background and experience, she is the only one with the talent and the position to step up and take up the onerous task of saving them. She understands – intimately – how it is in Adorable America.

Her party, the Democratic Party, is the party of the City and its people. But as is blatantly obvious, the Democratic Party is enduring a crisis of leadership. The heartthrob of the moment, Bernie Sanders, is a great flaming torch walking around in wooden buildings reeking of gasoline fumes. Her colleagues in the Senate chamber are a collection of timeservers and hot air balloons, by turns opportunistic and clueless. Her own institution, the House of Representatives, is a playhouse devoted to Performance Art; a collection of party favors including the Kardashian inspired former barista AOC, Peter Griffin’s avatar Adam Schiff and the whole class of “Handmaidens”.

Perhaps at night as she tosses in her sleep Mrs. Pelosi dreams of a nameless tribune posted to Mainz in the winter of 404 AD. It is the hardest winter in memory with the Rhine River nearly frozen completely over. Numberless hordes of German barbarians wait on the far bank of the freezing river awaiting their chance. Just as that nameless tribune of Legio II Augusta looks over the fortress wall 1,600 years ago, she sits in the Speaker’s Chair looking over the House Chamber. Did she have any other choice but to remain in control when the voters returned her party to the majority?

She stepped up and did the dirty thankless work necessary to take back her job as Speaker of the House after the 2018 mid-term election. Now she is the key player in the federal counterattack in the Coronavirus Wars. In line with politicians from Winston Churchill to Rahm Emanuel, Nancy Pelosi knows the value of that well-used political maxim, “never let a crisis go to waste”. And the Coronavirus is her second crisis. Fate and duty have put her here. It is her time.

The great cities of Adorable America are in deep financial trouble; unfunded pension liabilities for unionized city & state employees, decayed infrastructure, the ever growing costs of the masses of urban poor as well as the need to buy off the “activists” controlling the city streets to name just a few. The decades long mass outmigration of the middle class/productive jobs from the cities of Adorable America has left their tax base a hollow shell. The recent repeal of the federal tax exemption for “excessive” state/local taxes has hit hard, with ominous implications for their future.

Her people, the part of America that she loves and is a part of, are in serious, very serious, financial trouble. Suddenly the Coronavirus has opened wide the floodgates on the dams of printed money. Trillions of dollars, present and future, are there for the taking. The cities of Adorable America can be funded for another generation, thanks to Nancy. Perhaps she smiles at the words of Joe Louis, thinking of those greedy and mean spirited middle class workers who abandoned those cities but now forced to pay their costs anyway, “You can run but you can’t hide”.

We honor those, like Nancy Pelosi and Robert E. Lee, who put duty first. Duty is a harsh mistress but, as General Lee noted, there is satisfaction, a warm inner glow, rewarding those in her service. The Apostle Paul had the same feeling in his own farewell address in II Timothy:

“ . . . the time of my departure is at hand. I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. From now on the crown of righteousness is laid up for me, which the Lord the righteous judge, will award me on that day . .”

As we come to the end of our own race, there are few of us like the Apostle Paul whose performance of their duty has left us without regrets. The bloody carnage, the wasted lives and the ruin of his beloved Virginia, all in the service of slavery, weighed very heavily on General Lee in his last years as he reflected on his “duty, faithfully performed”.

I wonder what weighs heavily on Mrs. Pelosi? Does she regret the abortion mills she has funded? As she plays with her own grandchildren, do all of those missing children touch her heart at all?

4 Responses to “Duty Faithfully Performed – Nancy Pelosi”

  1. jeff esbenshade says:

    Nancy is the poster women for term limits.

  2. Gary Dorn says:

    “A woman we would probably enjoy as a neighbor”. NOT. Just ask the scores of homeless people in her district/neighborhood. How about the massive wall surrounding her estate? Good neighbor? Does she regret the abortion mills she has funded? No she is still funding them!

  3. Judy Hoxworth says:

    When I see Nancy Pelosi …sadly I must admit a revulsion comes up from the depths of my soul for many reasons but for primarily her admitted love for killing babies. I don’t care what reason she describes it as, Gods word says it would be better for to be at the bottom of the sea with a millstone around her neck! And no I do not believe she can truly love her children or her grandchildren and be the catalyst in killing others. And truly her mind must be slipping just as Joe Biden’s is when she describes President Donald Trump as morbidly obese!!! May God help the country in which we live and love

  4. Ed Holub says:

    It is true that she has performed her duties faithfully, but sometimes
    her conduct, mentality, thoughts, and lack of moral righteousness,
    leave a lot to be desired.

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