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A Conundrum in Colorado

In a volatile mix of property development, sea turtles, natural gas and the US Forest Service, entropy has the last laugh.

  • Posted: August 14, 2021

Pride & Dismay

Watching my granddaughter’s commencement speech, I felt close to my grandparent’s extended family back in the “old country”.

  • Posted: July 20, 2021

A City on a Hill – II

America is that most dangerous of nations – a nation founded upon an ideal.

  • Posted: July 7, 2021

Memories of My Father

Father’s Day – A day to honor the Dad we love and yet know so little about.

  • Posted: June 18, 2021

A Camouflaged Truth

Can you see the deer in the image? Maybe you can see the truth about Covid.

  • Posted: May 28, 2021

Easter Reflection

The invisible Americans —

  • Posted: April 13, 2021

Searching for the Future

The manners and customs of the Blue Coast invite parody, but change may be coming.

  • Posted: March 25, 2021

Joe Biden & The Road to Canossa

In a reaffirmation of America’s basic good nature, we now have another President who is a faithful Christian, a member in good standing of the Catholic Church.

  • Posted: January 28, 2021

Martin Moone & The Rev. Cleaver

Why was that great bloc of religious people so loyal to Donald Trump?

  • Posted: January 19, 2021

Converse County, Wyoming

Will there be a big new oil/gas development in Wyoming’s Converse County? I remember the place well.

  • Posted: January 7, 2021
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    What I’m Reading

    The Twelfth Department
    By William Ryan

    What happens when we forget, or never bothered to learn, what we believe in and why we believe? What happens when the emotional whirls of Facebook and Twitter are the depths of our understanding? Evil, great evil, is regularly found lurking in the unexamined depths of good intentions. Mathew Arnold put our present political climate in memorable words years ago:

    And we are here as on a darkling plain
    Swept with confused alarms of struggle and flight,
    Where ignorant armies clash by night

    Novels, good stories, provide a lens to see life, including our beliefs, without camouflage. As an example, JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy is one of the finest Bible commentaries ever written. Progressive political ideals may lack in recent electoral success, but have undisputed possession of today’s moral high ground. And while death and taxes may be the only sure bets, the eventual victory of those holding the high ground have very good odds in any battle.
    And so fiction provides a look at eventual victories. There is no question that the outlines of today’s progressive agenda can be clearly seen in other times and places. William Ryan takes us to a time and place fondly imagined, idealized at the time, by the forefather’s of todays progressive leadership. In The Twelfth Department, we see a police captain in 1930’s Moscow. Captain Alexei Korolev is just a man trying to be a good father, a good citizen, a good police officer. In many ways Alexei is a fortunate man, with a good reputation and many more material advantages than the average citizen. But a high profile murder brings him into ambiguous circumstances. The tone of the book is respectful of life in Moscow, with no axes to grind. It is just a portrait of a man trying to do his job, bringing a gruesome killer to justice, among ordinary human beings seeking only to live normal lives in a progressive paradise.

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